I’m Karen Morgan and if you’re looking for someone to be on your team during a move, downsizing or decluttering process then look no further.


I started Task Tamers in 2011 with the hope to use my natural talent for organising to help others. As a young child I can remember having a love of organising, you’d find me reorganising cupboards, rooms and drawers. So after being a natural organiser in my personal life, I decided it was time to “go pro” and I haven’t looked back.

My joy comes from helping clients create space in their lives for the important things, not wasting afternoons trying (and failing) to organise their garage, or clear away years of accumulated clutter. I want to alleviate the stress, that for many people, comes with getting organised.  

It can seem like “stuff” rules our lives sometimes and getting on top of it can seem like an insurmountable task.
I offer my clients the benefit of my expertise getting things done in a compassionate and non-judgemental manner.
I pride myself on client confidentiality.

For me, no job is too small, too big or too hard if it will make my client’s life easier.  My honesty, discretion and commitment are qualities I think are important in an organiser. You can read more about what my clients have to say about my services here.

I look forward to the opportunity to help with your challenges so that you can enjoy the benefits a more organised life will bring.




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