Task Tamers’ top decluttering tips

Decluttering can be a major task in terms of both the physical and mental effort it takes to do.

That’s why it is important to be in the right headspace when tackling your personal clutter. Often we find that there is a emotional connection to the clutter from knick knacks to family antiques. We hold onto things for various reasons.

When we tacked a decluttering task with clients, we use our “3Ts” method. So what is that exactly? Basically we use the “Ts” to categorise possessions into three categories, being: Treasures, Trash and Transition.

Treasures are the belongings you are not willing to part with. These are non-negotiables because they are either important to you or necessary. For example a beloved easy chair or medical equipment.

The next category, Trash, is items that really should be disposed because they are broken, no longer working, or not adding value to your life.

Finally, our last category is Transition. Anything you no longer need, but is still in working order or of value, that can be given away to family, donated to a charity or sold.

These 3 simple Ts can really help split your possessions into categories and help you come to terms with the actions required for them.

Decluttering is not something you have to do alone. Task Tamers has assisted many clients to pare down their possessions in a sensitive manner to free up both emotional and physical space in people’s lives. It’s often described to us by clients that a weight has been lifted from their shoulders when the decluttering process is completed.

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