Task Tamers’ services include:


Decluttering is not about getting rid of all your possessions, it is about simplifying your life by owning fewer things. To achieve this we help you decide what are the important things and help you move on the rest.


Task Tamers provides a downsizing service to smooth the transition from a larger family home filled with precious treasures to a new, smaller abode.


Task  Tamers can handle your entire move, whether it be to the next suburb or over state borders.

Estate clearances

Task Tamers offers estate clearance assistance because as we saw it as a logical extension of our organising services. There is a lot to organise in order to deal with a lifetime of possessions and memories.

Home organisation

Task Tamers offers organising services for all the rooms in your home. From living rooms to pantries, linen cupboards, offices, garages and everything in between, there’s not a space we haven’t organised.

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