Decluttering means removing unnecessary items from your home.

After years of working with clients we know that just talking about decluttering causes some people anxiety. With our tried and tested processes, this anxiety can be lessened with our professionals’ help.

Making decisions about all the treasures you’ve collected over a lifetime can feel like a huge challenge. But it doesn’t have to be a difficult experience.

Decluttering is not about getting rid of all your possessions, it is about simplifying your life by owning fewer things. To achieve this we help you decide what are the important things and help you move on the rest.


Task Tamers tackles decluttering using our 3 Ts method:

  1. Treasures

    These are your “non-negotiable” items that must be kept because they are important or necessary (e.g. your comfy easy chair or precious family photos).

  2. Trash

    These are items that should be thrown out (e.g. anything broken or no longer working).

  3. Transition

    This category includes everything you no longer need but can be given to family or friends, donated or sold.

We help you plan the process, drafting a timeline we all agree is achievable. Task Tamers prides itself on discretion and maintaining client confidentiality.

By starting well ahead of time, making a plan and using the 3 Ts decluttering can be cathartic, helping you to realise a downsizing dream or live a more simplified life.