Estate clearances

Dealing with the death of a loved one, or helping them move into care, is challenging.

If you are in charge of an estate clearance, there is a lot to organise in order to deal with a lifetime of possessions and memories. You may also have to exercise sensitivity to the other family members involved while trying to deal with your own feelings. 


Task Tamers offers estate clearance assistance because we saw it as a logical extension of our organising services. Our hands-on experience decluttering and downsizing is also valuable in the context of estate clearances.

It can be a tremendous relief having our assistance to plan, organise and manage the process. We discuss your requirements and tailor a estimate to suit your circumstances.

The Task Tamers team work to an end date, whether that be a move, the sale of the property or the arrival of tenants. We execute the plan you approve to ensure all the belongings are dealt with in the manner you prefer, whether that be selling or donating.

Our estate clearance services include:

  • Sorting personal items
  • Collating an inventory of key possessions
  • Organising the sale of any furniture to antique/secondhand dealers or online
  • Liaising with charities regarding donations
  • Arranging storage including packing and delivery
  • Managing the delivery of items to other parties
  • Collection and removal of rubbish.