Task Tamers can handle your entire move, whether it be to the next suburb or over state borders.

We will take control and give you peace of mind the move will go smoothly. Our services are perfect for:

  • People transitioning into a retirement village or aged care
  • Moves between cities
  • Children seeking to arrange assistance for their parents when they can’t help out themselves.

Task Tamers’ relocation services are divided into three distinct areas: Planning, Doing and Finalising.

Planning tasks

  • Developing a plan for your move
  • Sourcing removal quotes
  • Working with other third parties such as family, care providers, secondhand dealers, insurers, pet carers, Australia Post (for mail redirection) and utility providers (electricity/gas)

Doing tasks

  • Decluttering before packing
  • Waste removal, selling items not needed
  • Packing everything into boxes safely ready for moving
  • Managing the move on the day
  • Unpacking your possessions in your new home

Finalising tasks

  • Removing all packing materials and rubbish from your new home
  • Organising completion of post-move house cleaning and maintenance tasks at your old home
  • Handing over keys to real estate agent.

Moving house can also be a great opportunity to take stock and reassess what things you need in your life. Consider pairing our decluttering service with your relocation.

After years of organising relocations for our clients, there is nothing that surprises us. Our team works like a well-oiled machine to help you through what can be one of life’s most stressful experiences. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone!

We know every move is as unique as our client. That’s why we meet with you at your home and provide a written estimate. Costs are impacted by things like the size of your home, whether you require decluttering services, the time required to complete everything and the number of “hands on deck” we need.