Task Tamers has clients from all walks of life that rely on us for a wide variety of regular and project based organising tasks.

A few of them have shared their experiences with our services below:

“Being in my 80’s and with poor health, I was really struggling with the physical work involved in decluttering ready for my move into a local retirement village. Karen and her team were wonderful in helping me sort what I didn’t need, taking it to charity and packing everything else for my move. It all happened very efficiently, with genuine care and nothing was too much trouble.  Thanks to Task Tamers, I am now where I need to be and just wish I hadn’t put it off for so long.” Betty, Sunnybank

“I want to thank Karen and the other ladies at Task Tamers for helping our family move our Mum and Dad from their home of 45 years into their new retirement villa.  With me not being located in Brisbane, it was proving almost impossible to give them the help they needed to downsize their possessions ready for their next stage in life. Karen came in, we agreed on a reasonable plan and with her care and guidance we got through what was a very emotional time for our family with relative ease.  We are so grateful and highly recommend Karen to anyone struggling with the same journey.”  Anne, Sydney

“I can’t believe the difference a day makes!  That is how long it took to get rid of all the stuff that had been hanging around my unit causing me so much angst for such a long time.  Karen was even able to get some welcome money for the items I didn’t need from an antique dealer. Once this was done, my kitchen and living areas were reorganised so I could find exactly what I needed when I wanted it. Feel like a load has been off my shoulders.  Thank you.”
Gwen, Clayfield

“Styling for sale, organising the selling, donating and dumping of items no longer required, packing for my move, unpacking at our new place,  – even organising changing all our utilities – all this was down without fuss, cost effectively with a smile by the delightful team of Karen, Adele and Jill.  Very happy with this service.”  Jan & Ian, Forest Lake

“Thanks Karen for making our new home so functional.  As busy professionals my wife and I simply didn’t have the time needed to get our kitchen, wardrobe, laundry, bathrooms and linen cupboards unpacked and organised so that they worked for us.  Karen found a place for everything and recommended and sourced storage options that now make it easy to access everything and to keep it that way! ”  Doug, Fig Tree Pocket

“Karen organised a dinner party for 10 of our closest friends in our home with an amazing chef for my husband’s recent birthday.  He was surprised and delighted to say the least.  It was such a special night!  Thanks for doing what I never would have thought of, let alone organised, down to the last minute detail!”  H.M. Graceville

“I regularly engage Task Tamers to help me keep on top of the small details in my busy life like grocery shopping, picking up the dry-cleaning and ironing and a host of other things that regularly crop up and threaten to take control of my hectic life.  Task Tamers does it all quietly and efficiently taking some of the stress out of everyday life.”  G.P. Toowong